In year 1994 the company Elektroinstalaterstvo Ivan Glavica s.p was established. Alot of experience, knowledge, confidence and development of it led to newly established company EMG Electro installation and assembly Ltd in 2002.

The company has 40 employees. Mostly electrical engineers and electrical technicians. We alo employ PLC programmers and project-designers.

We are currently carrying out work such as: building the sets of the control cabinets and individual sets of machinery in the workshop and field work at the customers location, where the device is installed and handed over to the customer. We also partly cover area of project-​​design, planning and programming as well as comissioning the plant. With a lot of expirience and knowledge on field of electrotehnics and automation, we can provide various maintenance work and renewal of machinery and equipment to our partners. The ratio between the work in the workshop and installation work on site is currently at 25% of workshop work  and 75% of the installation work on site. Constant work with the most advanced technology in the automation of industrial systems, connecting electro cabinets, installation of low-voltage and medium- voltage equipment, installation and service of lifting and transport equipment, we provide expirience and qualitiy that our partners expect.

Our experience, knowledge development and flexibility ensure effective compliance with the requirements and tasks taken by our partners.